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An Anxiety Depression Test is used to determine the degree of severity of depressive symptoms, symptoms of anxiety, and your stress level. Often times, feeling depressed and anxious come hand in hand and is ofte accompanied by stress. The specific test that is frequently used is the “Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale”.

This assessment comes in a 42 question and 21 question formats that include the three self reported measures for the emotional states of feeling depressed, anxious and stressed. On this page, I provide the 21 question assessment, also known as the DASS21.

This assessment actually measures your current state so it is not a tool to be used to diagnose an individual with any given mood disorder. Also, this assessment is okay for adolescents and adults alike, however most of the research has been done on people ages 17 and older.

The Anxiety Depression Test is only applicable if you are struggling with being depressed, anxious and stressed - all three. If you are just experiencing depressed feelings you might want to consider taking an exclusive depression test. I have several different options available on this site, including a depression quiz which focuses on primary symptoms of depression, a more comprehensive Depression Self Test, and more formalized tests such as the Jung Self Rating Depression Scale. So, if you want to take a Depression Test, there are plenty of options for you here on my site.

If these tests aren't applicable and you are feeling all three - depressed, anxious and stressed out then you can download and take the Anxiety Depression Test provided below. This is a PDF file so you will need Acrobat Adobe

If any of the assessments indicate that it might be serious, I encourage you to reach out to a professional (mental health, preferably!) and seek a legitimate diagnosis. Once you get diagnosed, you and your therapist can come up with an appropriate treatment plan that is designed specifically for you so that you can fully recover and live a happy, healthy, fully functioning life again. All of this can be successfully treated so there is hope!

Did you know that most people that are suffering with a depressive disorder will feel much better after just 2 short weeks of beginning treatment? So, going to a professional, getting diagnosed and starting treatment should be your next step if, indeed, you feel there may be a problem. You deserve to be happy so take the necessary steps to get there as soon as you can.

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