The Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale

The Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale, provided below, was developed by Dr. William K. Zung who was a Duke University Psychiatrist. The depression scale was originally used on patients already diagnosed with a depressive disorder to determine how depressed they are. It is a 20 item, self-administered assessment that focuses on four common traits of depressive disorders that include the consuming effects, physiological effects, psychomotor activities and other disturbances. It has been translated into many languages, however I am providing it only in English.

To take the Jung Self-Test Depression Scale, simply download it, print it out and follow the directions. This is a PDF file so you will need Acrobat Adobe which you can download free if you don’t have it.

While, this is a one of the “oldie but goodies”, there are some things to consider when you get your results. First, the test asks you to look at the last few days. When formally diagnosing depression, we (therapists) really look at a minimum of two (2) weeks of presenting symptoms. Also, this is a self assessment so your answers may be a little biased based on your mood at the time you took it. Finally, this is, by no means, meant to be a way of diagnosing a depressive disorder.

If your scores say mildly or moderately depressed then consider taking a more extensive test by clicking on the image below.

If your scores indicate that you may be "severely depressed", I recommend you call a depression hotline to get some immediate help. On-going, you can find a local mental health professional or schedule a consultation with me by clicking on the image further up the page on the right hand side! It’s important you get the support you need as soon as possible.

Either way, remember, you are not alone. There are many famous people with manic depression and they got the treatment they needed and are living happy, successful lives right now. You can too!

If you're elderly, and want to take an assessment, then I recommend the Geriatric Depression Scale. It is the most popular one for the older population.

One test that I frequently use in my practice is the Beck Depression Inventory. However, when people want to take the Beck Depression Inventory they have to go to a professional because it is not available publicly.

As you continue to investigate your situation I encourage you browse my other pages to learn about the different types of depression, physical symptoms of depression, natural depression treatments, antidepressants, and so much more.

And, please know that you can beat this!

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depression consultation session
depression consultation session