The Beck Depression Test

What is This Test and How Does it Work?

Are you interesetd in taking the Beck Depression Test or are you just looking for information about it? If you are looking for information about it then read on. Otherwise, click on this link to take a depression test. I have several for you to choose from.

The Beck Depression Test 

The Beck Depression Test, also known as the Beck Depression Inventory, is a 21 item, self ranking inventory that measures characteristic attitudes and symptoms of depression. It was developed in 1961 by Beck, Ward, Mendelson and Erbaugh and is still on of the most popular assessments used by mental health professionals today.

This was updated in 1996 and is administered by a mental health professional. I use the Becks Depression Inventory in my practice as it is a very useful tool to diagnosing and, more importantly, treating my clients with a depressive disorder.

This test is under copywright so you won't find it available online. Well, let me rephrase won't find it on-line legally! As a result, it is only administered by a professional. However, in my opinion, it is one of the best out there.

There are many others to consider but the Beck's test is one of the classics.

However, keep in mind, this is just one of many assessments that are available today to aid in determining if you are clinically depressed. You can take a depression self test on my site as well.

Most online assessments are simply used as a reference. They are not to be used to formally diagnose someone with a depressive disorder. That needs to be left to the professionals!

For an assessment to be valid, it needs to be constructed using the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. This ensures that the test have reliability and validity in meeting the objective of measuring depressive disorders.

The Beck's Depression Test is by far one of the most reliable and statistically relevant and it meets the standards for Psychological Testing.

To learn more about how the Becks Inventory works and how its scored go to the Beck Depression Inventory Scoring page.

The Beck Depression Test is a very good, reliable assessment and can be used with the support of a counselor or therapist.

One word of advice, however. Most assessments, in and of themselves, are not meant to be a formal diagnosis. Rather, it takes the help of a mental health professional to put all the pieces together to providea proper diagnosis. So use a self assessment as a data point, not as a diagnosis. Particularly when it is taken without the assistance of a mental health professional.

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