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Many teenagers come to my site so that they can take a teenage depression test. If you think you might be experiencing teenage depression know that you are not alone. Studies show that approximately 20% of teens will suffer from depression before they become an adult. What's worse is that most teenagers think they are going through a phase and do not seek treatment. Also, if they know they are depressed, most do not seek out help or support because they feel ashamed.

Depression is nothing to be ashamed of and it has become a rampid epidemic in this country. It can be successfully treated and you can live the long, fullfilling, vibrant life you are meant to live!

The first step is to take a teenage depression test. It is a great starting point and gives you some idea if you might be suffering with depression. By taking this test, it will help you to determine if it really might be a depressive disorder or if it is more situation in nature or just teenage angst.

Teens these days are under so much more pressure than older generations. As a result, depression and suicide among teens are on the rise. So, taking the quiz below can be helpful.

After you take the test you will get a summary report stating whether you might be depressed or not. However, please remember that this should not be used as a way to self diagnose. Instead, use this as additional information as you explore what might be going on. If it indicates that you might be, then I highly recommend that you seek a formal diagnosis by a mental health professional. Then, once diagnosed, you and your therapist can agree on the right treatment strategies to ensure a speedy recovery.

The Teenage Depression Test I developed below is based on the DMS-IV therapists reference guide. It is a guide that we use to diagnose our clients disorders, including mood disorders, personality disorders among other things. 

To take the test simply click on the link below! 

NOTE: This assessment is for the teenage population. If you are an adult and want to take a depression test, go to my home page and click on the link provided. 

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    Another test that I use with my clients is the Beck Depression Inventory. However, you won't be able to take the Beck Depression Inventory yourself. Rather, this is only available through a therapist. (Note: If you do find it online, it won't be available to you legally!)

    As I mentioned before, these self administered tests should be used as a reference point and not as the end all / be all of diagnosing yourself with a mood disorder. I encourage you to seek help and support of a local therapist to get a professional diagnosis.

    To learn more information you can also check out this site. They have a lot of great information about teen depression and other issues teenagers face.

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