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A Depression Self Test is one way to determine if you may be suffering with a depressive disorder and I have a tt on this page that you can take. However, when you take it, keep in mind that test available on this page. It is extensive but will only take you a few minutes to complete. By taking it you'll get a good idea where you are so you can determine your next steps.

The Depression Self Test provided was developed using the DSM-IV as a reference. The DSM-IV is a desk reference guide that we use to aide us in diagnosing mood disorders. So, the test results should give you a good indication whether you might be clinically depressed or not. Simply click on the image below to get started!

The test is a subjective self assessment. As a result, the results should be used simply as a reference point that will help you determine an appropriate course of action. If the results of a depression self test indicates you may be depressed then you should seek out a formal diagnosis by a mental health professional - not a medical physician!

As a National Certified Counselor, it annoys me when people go to their physician, who is really not qualified to diagnose you for a depressive disorder, and the physician simply writes out a prescription for medications. Then the patient goes on meds that he or she may not need! And, the patient relies on the medications to “cure” them instead of going to a therapist. A therapist is better equipped to provide a proper diagnosis and an effective, appropriate treatment plan. Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now and get back to the task at hand which is to provide you with a way to assess whether you may be clinically depressed.

This assessment is for the general population. If you are elderly and want to take a depression test then consider taking the Geriatric Depression Scale. It is the most popular assessment administered to the elderly population.

Another really good test that I use in my practice is the Beck Depression Inventory. However, you can’t take the Beck Depression Inventory without the assistance of a qualified professional because this test has a copyright and cannot be duplicated on the internet.

As I mentioned before, these tools are provided to you for educational purposes only and should not be used to formally diagnose yourself with a depressive disorder. If any of these assessments indicate you may be depressed then please see a mental health professional to obtain a proper diagnosis.

If you are interested in getting some help, I encourage you to schedule a free consultation with me. Together we can figure out what is going on and the best course of action for you to take to start healing!

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depression consultation session