When Taking Zoloft
Hair Loss May Be Experienced

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When you take Zoloft hair loss might be experienced. However, this has been debated for many, many years. In doing the research for this page, I found information 10+ years old talking about the link between Zoloft and hair loss. In looking at Pfizer’s Medication Guide there is no mention of people losing their hair when they take their medication. There are many other Zoloft common side effects but hair loss was not documented as one of them.

The Zoloft Hair Loss Theory

If you browse around on the net you will find people who insist when they took Zoloft hair loss was a by-product. There are some projections out there that state that 1% to 10% of patients taking this drug will experience hair loss. If you feel you are one of them I’d recommend you contact your doctor or physician so that you can consider the options. It might be as simple as adjusting the Zoloft dose or trying a completely different medication all together. For instance, many people compare Lexapro vs Zoloft. They are very similar but perhaps Lexapro side effects do not include hair loss. Also, you might want to try adding zinc and selenium to your diet. You can get this by taking a vitamin supplement like Centrum.

In any event, keep in mind that while there is this big debate about Zoloft and hair loss, it really is subjective in nature and certainly not very easy to document. In fact, some people may complain if they have lost 10 – 20 strands of hair when some internists say that this may be normal and 100 strands a day should be more of a concern. And, based on my experience, I did not see abnormal hair loss when I took Zoloft to help with my postpartum depression. However, I seem to be losing more hair now that I am older!

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I get a lot of other questions about this medication as well such as does Zoloft cure acne? What Zoloft withdrawal symptoms can I expect? Can I take Zoloft in pregnancy? Do Zoloft and alcohol impact each other?

Also, if you are taking this drug consider Zoloft antidepressant warnings. For instance, it is not intended for treating children 6 years and younger for obsessive compulsive disorder. Also, weight loss can be experienced in children taking this medication so they should be closely monitored during long term use.

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