Find Support With Depression Forums

Depression forums are a great place to go to for advice, support and ideas. They are similar to chat rooms and it is a safe place where you can ask questions, request guidance or provide some advice yourself.

I have personally used forums and chat rooms for one reason or another and have always found them to very helpful. 

With most forums you usually have to register and be approved then choose a username and password to log in. Below you'll find a list of forums that are available for you to join so you can ask for support and support others. This is a place where you can all unite and help each other through the tough times. A place to find courage, to push through the tough stuff and come out on the other side as the shining, rising star that you are!

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Depression Forums

Here are some other forums that I researched. A word of caution, as you look for a forum - look at the dates of the discussions. If there aren’t any current posts then it is likely that the forum is “out of business” or at the very least out dated which will make the forum useless to you. I will keep researching helpful forums, support groups, etc. and add them to this list so keep checking this page for additions. Also, if you know of any others that would be beneficial to add please let me know.

  • DBSA - The Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Support Alliance.
  • Take This Life Forum
  • DepressionTribe
  • Psych Central
  • There are a lot others out there but they are not very good. A forum is only as good as the moderator and the support that is provided.

    Word of Caution

    Also, word of caution, as you look for a forum, you want to look at the dates of the discussions. Most of the forums are very outdated so they will be worthless to you. So, I will keep researching helpful forums, support groups, etc. and add them to this list. So keep checking this site for additions.

    Other Options

    Some other self help options for you include things like a depression support group . They are a great way to find local support and surround yourself with like minded people and mental health professionals to help you every step of the way.

    Also, you might want to consider a depression chat room . They are good as well but only if the rooms are active and have good moderators.

    Again, there are many options and depression forums and chat rooms can be one of many ways to find the support you need.

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