Looking for a Depression Test?

If you want to take a depression test you have come to the right place. Taking a test is one way to determine if you might be suffering with a clinical depressive disorder. If you or someone you know is feeling some depression symptoms then it may be beneficial to take an assessment online.

There are many assessments to choose from. However, there are only a few that are legitimate and worthy of your consideration. One of the best, in my opinion, is the Beck Depression Inventory, or BDI. I use it all the time with my clients. Unfortunately, the BDI has a copyright so only mental health professionals can administer and score the test. It is one of the "oldie but goodies" and proven to be statistically relevant in determining whether the individual may or may not be depressed.

There are many different assessments available to you here on my website. Take one, take them all. It doesn’t matter as long as you begin to take the necessary steps to get a proper diagnosis and ultimately receive appropriate treatment.

The key to a legitimate quiz is to ensure that it meets the "Standards for Education and Psychological Testing". This way you are ensured that the test is professionally developed and the results are reliable. You obviously want to results to be reliable and to be a solid indicator as to whether you are depressed or not. So, it goes without saying that you can take a depression test on my site that is reliable.

If you are feeling depressed then the first step towards diagnosis and, more importantly towards healing can be to take an online depression questionnaire. However, word of caution, it is not meant to be a formal, professional diagnosis. Instead, please use your results as yet another reference point that may help to determine if you are, indeed, depressed and perhaps how serious it might be.

Depressive disorders come in all "shapes and sizes" and can range from mild to serious. Over 19 million people in the U.S., 10% of our population, suffer with the illness. What is staggering is that only 30% ever get diagnosed and seek treatment, which means 70% never get treatment. And, for those who do get treatment, 80% of them will feel better in just a few short weeks. A sad thing for the 70% that never got help!

A test or, even a depression quiz, can at least give you some additional diagnostic information so you can assess what kind of help you might need. It is important to get a proper diagnosis so that you and your mental health professional can agree on an appropriate treatment plan so that you, too, can feel better in just a few weeks!

If you would like to take the Beck Depression Inventory then you'll need to go to a certified mental health professional. In the meantime, you can do an assessment here on my site. There are several choices including the Zung Self Rating Depression Scale, the Geriatric Depression Scale, and the Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale, or DASS21.

The Geriatric Scale was developed specifically for the elderly population so only take it if you are in this demographic. Take the DASS21 only if you are experiencing anxiety and stress in addition to feeling depressed. Otherwise, if you are just feeling the blues then I'd recommend the Jung Self Rating assessment.

There are other pages on my site that you might find beneficial that include the Beck Depression Inventory Scoring methods.

Keep in mind that a typical depression test does not test for manic depression. Manic depressive disorder, otherwise known as Bipolar Disorder, is very difficult to test for. Instead, it takes a proper evaluation and diagnosis from a mental health professional.

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depression consultation session