The Most Common
Zoloft Withdrawal Symptoms

There are several Zoloft withdrawal symptoms that you should take into consideration if you decide to stop taking the medication. Typically, when you stop taking an anti-depressant it is best to wean yourself off of it gradually over time. If you stop taking it all at once, there are some side effects that you should be aware of and, in fact, might experience. Withdrawal symptoms that can be quite serious, including an increased risk of suicide. 

Zoloft Withdrawal Symptoms

When you stop taking Zolofr, some of the most common symptoms you need to watch out for include feeling drowsy, nauseous, irritable, agitated, anxious, having difficulty sleeping and experiencing frequent headaches. These symptoms are documented as Zoloft common side effects that are commonly experienced by people that stop taking this med. To avoid these symptoms, you should wean yourself of gradually over time. Inspite of the symptoms you may feel, a lot of people decide to simply stop taking the drug all together.

If you stop taking the medication all at once the common Zoloft withdrawal symptoms will last approximately 1 – 2 weeks, sometimes as long as 1 month, but the intensity of the symptoms should decrease over the course of time. The severity of the withdrawal will depend on the Zoloft dose that is being taken and how long you have been taking it. In fact Zoloft and anxiety can go hand in hand and is a very common side effect.

This medication has a half-life of one day. What this means is that over the course of a 24 hour period, the level in the blood will decrease by 50%. So, after the 1st day you have only 50% of the original amount in your blood. After day 2 you have 25%, day 3 you have 12.5%, day 4 you have 6.25%, day 5 you have 3.125% and so on.

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This medication is prescribed often. Particularly to nursing mothers who may be experiencing postpartum depression. However, this is not the only effective antidepressant on the market today. Many people compare The Lexapro vs Zoloft to determine which one is best for them. Based on my research Lexapro side effects are similar.

There are some special Zoloft antidepressant warnings to consider as well. For instance, it can increase the risk of suicidal ideation and attempts in children and adolescents. Also when taking Zoloft and anxiety incurs it should be reported to your doctor.

There are many different antidepressants to consider. You can learn more about your options and how they work by going to my depression medications page.

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