A Review of Zoloft Common Side Effects

When taking Zoloft common side effects may occur. Clinical trials were conducted before the product was made available to the public. Prizer, the manufacturer of Zoloft, administered the medication to over 4,000 adults back in the year 2000. There was a mixture of how long they took the drug and what they were being treated for such as depression, OCD, PTSD and so on. So, it was a good representative sample of the general population that would be taking the medication. The studies also varied by structure such as controlled, uncontrolled, in-patient, out-patient, double blind and so on. So, without boring you with all the technical details, let’s get to the side effects of taking Zoloft medications.

In the results below, I will categorize the side effects by most common, moderate and less common. Also, I will focus on only the participants that took the Zoloft (2,799 of them) versus the participants that took the placebo. In my opinion, this is most relevant.

Most Common Side Effects

The most coommon side effects that were experienced by most of the study participants are listed below. II have listed the side effect and included the percentage of participants that experienced that side effec in parenthesis. This will give you a better idea of just how likely it is to experience a certain side effect.

  • Ejaculation difficulties (in men) (14%)
  • Dry mouth (14%)
  • Dizziness (12%)
  • Headache (25%)
  • Diarrhea (20%)
  • Nausea (25%)
  • Fatigue (12%)
  • Insomnia (21%)

    Moderate Side Effects

    As you review the list of moderate side effects, you'll see I've presented the data the same way. Notice how the percentage of participants experiencing this

  • Increased perspiration (7%)
  • Tremors (8%)
  • Constipation (6%)
  • Digestive issues (8%)
  • Decreased libido (6%)

    Less Common Side Effects

    Important to note that, in the case of the less common category, there is still a chance that these side effects can be experienced by you.

  • Abnormal prickling or itching (2%)
  • Rash (3%)
  • Vomiting (4%)
  • Agitation (5%)
  • Anxiety (4%)
  • Nervousness (5%)
  • Abnormal vision (3%)

    So, as with all medications, Zoloft common side effects should be carefully considered when deciding if this is the medication that you choose to treat your condition.

    There are also some Zoloft withdrawal symptoms that can be experienced once you decide to stop taking the drug. Inspite of the side effects and withdrawal symptoms, Zoloft antidepressant is a good one to take. Many people ask me about Zoloft in pregnancy and Zoloft and breast feeding. In fact, OB’s like to prescribe this medication to nursing mothers at it has little to no impact on the infant. However, it should be carefully considered if you are pregnant or you might get pregnant.

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