The Risks of Combining
Alcohol and Lexapro

Generally speaking Alcohol and Lexapro don’t mix. In fact, it is not wise to drink alcohol if you are taking any antidepressant. Both alcohol and antidepressants affect the central nervous system and the alcohol can decrease the effectiveness of the antidepressant. In clinical trials it was determined that the effects of drinking were not intensified when combining it with Lexapro.

However, when alcohol and Lexapro were taken in higher doses then prescribed, very serious side effects were noted. These symptoms can be quite severe and include convulsions, significant drowsiness, rapid heartbeat, induced coma, hypotension, difficulty sleeping, severe vomiting, and feeling dizzy.

Alcoholism and depression are commonly found together. It is common knowledge that alcohol is a depressant so, if you are depressed, drinking can intensify the feelings of depression. As a result, it is important to minimize your intake. Physicians commonly recommend that you limit your intake to 1 – 2 drinks per day. One drink typically equates to a 12 oz. beer, 5 oz. glass of wine or a 1 ½ oz. shot of spirits.

If you just started taking the medication, take some time to learn how it effects you as an individual before mixing it with anything. This includes alcohol and other prescription or non-prescription drugs. It’s important to understand the effect is has on you as it may effect your ability to drive, operate machinery or perform other daily functions.

At the very least, if you do drink while taking this drug, or any other medications, do drink in moderation to avoid the very serious side effects.

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