Lexapro and Weight Loss

If you take Lexapro and weight loss occurs this may be a Lexapro side effect. However, changes in weight were not a common side effect documented in clinical trials. In fact, the incidences of a weight change in clinical trials was so insignificant it was primarily documented as a footnote on the published literature. However, after the drug went on the market, there were reports of weight changes – both weight gain and weight loss by those who have taken the medication.

If You Are Taking It For Depression

Once a drug goes on the market, data is captured about adverse reactions experienced by the individuals who take the drug and report what they have experienced. This is voluntary reporting by the general public so it is difficult to determine how frequently the reactions or side effects occur. However, when something is frequently reported it gets documented and published in the medication guide.

In terms of documenting Lexapro side effects, weight loss has been reported frequently enough to be duly noted. However, with that said, the clinical studies Lexapro weight gain was reported but not frequently enough to be considered a true side effect.

Lexapro and Weight Loss or Gain? 

When taking Lexapro weight gain can also occur. So, will you gain or lose weight while taking Lexapro? I really think it all depends. By definition, when people are clinically depressed, they experience a change in their appetite. They either eat more food or they eat less. It just depends on how the depression affects them as individuals. So, are you more prone to eating more or less? This will have an effect on your weight one way or the other.

Also, alcohol and Lexapro don’t mix well either. So if you are prone to drink when you are depressed, be careful. Alcohol is a depressant so don’t drink at all or, if you do, drink in moderation while taking an antidepressant.

If you are taking Lexapro and weight loss, significant weight loss occurs, it is recommended that you talk to your therapist or to your physician or psychiatrist so that it can be evaluated. It is being reported as a side effect, frequently enough to be documented but it doesn’t mean that it is a normal side effect for you.

Also, you might want to take into consideration Lexapro sexual side effects when taking this medication. I also have a lot of other information including Lexapro withdrawal symptoms, Lexapro dosage information, the best time to take Lexapro and information about Lexapro and pregnancy.

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