When Taking Lexapro Weight Gain
May be Possible

With Lexapro weight gain is possible just as it is with other antidepressants. However, it is important to note that it is not necessarily the medication causing the weight gain. Instead, it is the increased appetite that causes the increase in weight. So, with a good exercise regimen and portion control, you can minimize the impact on your weight.

In a clinical study that was conducted, that included 1428 patients that took Lexapro weight gain was not evident. In fact, there was little to no weight changes in patients that took Lexapro compared to the patients that took a placebo in the form of a sugar pill. There were many Lexapro side effects that were documented. Fortunately, weight gain was not very common at all. In fact, it was so insignificant that it was only documented as a side note on their literature.

Now, with that said, if you read user reviews on the internet, you will find that some are complaining that by taking Lexapro they gained weight.   However, if you really read what is being said, you’ll see that most of the patients had an increase in cravings, an increase in their appetite and a slow down in their metabolism. Thus this was the culprit of the patients gaining weight. So, this is manageable.

Another interesting note is that Forest Laboratories, the manufacturer of Lexapro, did receive informal reports from patients taking the medication that, in fact, they lost weight when they started taking it. Also, in studies that they did with pregnant rats, both the fetuses and the mothers experienced decreased body weight.

So, with Lexapro weight gain is possible. However, I think it is very specific to the individual and your exercise and eating habits.

Also, don’t forget that antidepressants, in general, cause changes in your body that include cravings, increased appetite. So, whether it is Lexapro, Prozac, Abilify or other medications –gaining weight is a possibility. So eat healthy foods, minimize alcohol and sodium and exercise regularly.

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