What is Manic Depression
How Is It Different?

An Experience with Manic Depression:

Derrick T., from Parlin, N.J., suffered from Bipolar Disorder.

"Apparently, I had this for a very long time and didn't even know it. One day, I'd be on top of the world! I'd feel a lot of energy, high self-esteem, and very social. I felt great! Then, a couple of days later, for no real reason, I'd feel worthless and find myself contemplating suicide. It was a very difficult time in my life".

Manic Depression, also known as Bipolar Disorder, is a clinical depression. However, what makes this one different is that the person does not have long periods of sadness nearly every day for weeks at a time. Instead they have huge mood swings.

They cycle between mania (like an emotional high) and feeling depressed. During the mania phase, the person can seem like they are in a good mood, so noone suspects a depressive disorder. As a result, it often goes undiagnosed. Unfortunately there is no test for manic depression because it is too subjective and very complex. However, you can look out for specific depressed symptoms such as those that follow.

Manic Depression Symptoms

The Symptoms

As I mentioned, folks with Bipolar Disorder have manic episodes as well as classic clinically depressed symptoms. Its easier to recognize the classic symptoms but the manic symptoms are not near as easy to spot. So, here are the things to look out for when trying to spot the manic symptoms.

Also, an important note here, these symptoms must be present for a period of at least one week and include the following:

  • An extreme emotional high or extreme levels of irritability

  • Overstated sense of self importance, irrationally high level of self esteem

  • Significant increase in activities, friends and family

  • Excessive talking

  • Requires less sleep

  • Easily distracted and experiences rapid thoughts

  • Overindulgence in unhealthy yet pleasurable activity such as risky sexual activity, excessive spending habits

So, if you or someone you know is experiencing these symptoms then please know that this is treatable! There are several depression medications that can help. In fact, once treated.....

People with Bipolar Disorder can live healthy,
high functioning, happy lives!

The key is to diagnose it early and get the appropriate treatment.

If you would like to consider medications, take a look at this medication checklist to see if it might be the right path for you.

Also, consider an option to take a depression test. This is a great first step towards diagnosis. To do this, you can contact me directly for an initial consultation or contact your local resources.

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depression consultation session