Is it Possible to
Test for Manic Depression?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to test for manic depression, also known as Bipolar disorder. This is because of the complexity of the disease.

Bipolar disorder is very complex and is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms vary from person to person. To diagnose this type of depressive disorder there are many things that need to be considered and the evaluation needs to be done by a qualified mental health professional.

Several things are considered such as the symptoms of being depressed, how long they have been present and if there is a family history of the illness. If there is a family history, then there is a higher risk.

If you feel you may be suffering with a depressive disorder you can take a depression test to get a better idea. However, keep in mind the results should be used as a reference point only and not as a way to self-diagnose.

Also, consider common depression symptoms as well. While there are common symptoms to general depressive disorders, there are some characteristics that are unique to manic or bipolar disorder.

They are as follows:

  • Severe mood swings - commonly going from a severely depressed and hopeless state to one of excitement and energy.
  • Rapid thoughts
  • Poor social behavior
  • Fast talking
  • Need for less sleep
  • High levels of irritability
  • Being abnormally active...almost hyper
  • Feeling "high" for an extended period of time, followed by a crash feeling deeply depressed
  • Being overconfident
  • Exhibiting high levels of hostility 
  • So, while there is no formal diagnostic exam for Bipolar Disorder, the therapist can diagnose it subjectively looking for these kinds of traits. 

    A word of caution: don't try to diagnose yourself. Seek the help of a professional coach, doctor or counselor. This form of depressive disorder is very complex, it really takes a professional diagnosis to be sure.

    One important thing is that if  you suspect manic depression, it is imperative that you get treatment as soon as possible. Statistically, you are at higher risk of hurting yourself or others. I am not a big proponent of using medications to treat depression. However, I do suggest it where manic depression, or bipolar disorder, is present.  

    Either way, find a mental health professional that can properly diagnose you and, together, you can develop a treatment plan that optimizes your chances for treatment success. 

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