Depression Medication
Do You Need Them?

Depression medication is one of many ways to treat a depressive disorder. There are many other treatments for \as well. It's important to decide what treatments are best for you. Do you want to be on a medication regimine? Would you prefer to look at alternative, more holistic, treatment options?  In today's day and age, there are so many treatment options available to you that you will find one that resonates with you!  

I have been on meds before and I've done a lot of research on them since then.  I have found some really startling facts that I simply couldn't believe!  You can check out my research that I've compiled into an eBook called "The Shocking Truth About Antidepressants".  You can go grab it here because if you're taking antidepressants, or considering it, it's well worth the read!

“Thanks for the advice!”

Often times people go directly to an antidepressant instead of considering other options such as therapy. Consider a study that was done a couple of years ago with over 44 people suffering with severe depressive episodes. They were divided into two groups and received treatment for 12 weeks.

Group 1 recieved cognitive behavior therapy only and no drugs. Group 2 received antidepressants (Tofranil) only with no cognitive behavior therapy.

In Group 1, 79% had completely recovered compared to only 20% in Group 2. What's even more interesting is that the individuals who recieved mental health therapy recovered at a much quicker rate than those that recovered by taking meds.

This study, as well as others, gives you another reference point. As many people tend to go right to antidepressants when it may not be the best solution. Instead, one should consider going to a mental heath professional to discover what is troubling them, process through it and develop better coping skills.

If you do think you might be depressed you should consider taking a depression test. Also, if you think meds may be your treatment of choice you can learn a lot more about depression medications, how they work and what kind of side effects can be expected.

There are many different types of drugs and they each come with their own set of side effects so it is important to do your research first and talk with your physician or psychiatrist to agree on the meds that are right for you.

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depression consultation session
depression consultation session