Lexapro Sexual Side Effects

There are many Lexapro sexual side effects that should be considered if you decide to take this medication. You'll be glad to know that they are not very serious and they don't happen to most of the patients who take the medication. They also vary depending on whether you are being treated for depression or a generalized anxiety disorder. In both cases, studies were done and sexual functioning was affected by taking this drug.  In fact, all antidepressants are known to affect sexual function in both men and women. However, understand that what affects one person may not affect another.  It's important to know your body so you can spot even the most subtle side effects early. 

When Taking for Depression

In studies conducted with 715 participants being treated for depression the sexual side effects included the following (side effect / % that experienced it)

  • Ejaculation disorder / 9% - the main disorder was delay in ejaculating

  • Impotence / 3%

  • Difficulty having an orgasm / 2%

    When Taking for Generalize Anxiety Disorder

    In studies of over 800 participants, sexual side effects appeared to be more common among those with anxiety disorder than those that were being treated with depression.

  • Ejaculation disorder / 14% - primarily delay in ejaculating

  • Difficulty having an orgasm / 6%

    In those studied, there was a change in sexual desire, satisfaction when having sex and ability to perform.

    It is difficult to know just how prevalent this is as it is suspected that the patients and doctors may be reluctant to report it. However, there are estimates that indicate that in men, 12% will experience ejaculation delay, 6% will experience decreased excitation with sex, and 2% will experience impotence.

    In women, it is estimated that 3% will experience a decreased interest and 3% will have difficulty having an orgasm.

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