When Taking Zoloft
Sex Life May Be Impacted

When taking Zoloft sex life may be impacted. Zoloft medications are an SSRI and some evidence suggests that these types of medication can have an impact on sexual desire, performance and potentially satisfaction. With that said, it is also assumed that the degree of impact is not well known since people are reluctant to discuss this topic openly. In addition, they may not get that there is a correlation between the medication and sex. Nonetheless, studies have been done and the results are below.

In male patients, a study was conducted where 1118 patients were given Zoloft (sertraline) and 926 patients were given a placebo. In these placebo controlled studies, 14% of the patients that were taking the sertraline experienced ejaculation failure or delayed ejaculation. Conversely, 1% taking the placebo reported similar issues.

Similarly, in a placebo controlled study that was done there were 2799 men and women who took Zoloft and 2394 men and women who took a placebo. Of the participants that took the sertaline, 6% reported a decreased libido whereas only 1% taking the placebo reported the same effect.

Zoloft Sex Effects of Discontinuation

A controlled clinical study was also done by Pfizer to determine when you discontinue taking Zoloft sex is impacted. As you can see from the data table below, the impact is relatively insignificant. However, this is something to keep in mind as you consider Zoloft withdrawal symptoms.

Adverse Event Major Depressive Disorder (Total Participants = 271) OCD (Total Participants = 296) Panic Disorder (Total Participants = 216) Social Anxiety Disorder (Total Participants = 205)
Ejaculation Failure (males only) 1% 1% 2% 2%

Note: Ejaculation failure issue was primarily ejaculation delay

One thing to keep in mind is that sexual performance related issues are also evident in the disorders themselves. So, for instance, if you have major depressive disorder one of the symptoms is a loss of interest in sex. You may also have difficulty performing or even enjoying it when you do have it. Sexual implications is just one of many Zoloft common side effects. How severe they are depends on your Zoloft dose, what you’re being treated for among other things.

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