Depression Chat Room
Their Role in Your Recovery

In today's virtual age, a depression chat room is a a great way to find support. There are many available in the virtual world and they bring like minded people together to ask questions and provide support to each other.

While its a great way to learn that you aren't alone, that so many people out there suffer with depressive disorders like you do, it can be an enabler! Often times, it is too easy to use it as a method for complaining and venting, therby fueling the fire so to speak. As a result, you wind up leaving the chat more depressed then when you first got there! Not a good thing!!

When choosing a room be sure to choose one that is supportive and solution oriented. I have done some research and found a few of them that I think are good. You can see a list of depression chat rooms here on my site.

Chats are just one virtual tool that can be used. There are also other virtual options as well such as support groups depression hotlines and depression forums. Forums provide a more controlled environment than chats and are usually monitored by a professional. I find them to be more supportive because, in most cases, you have the support of a professional.

As a matter of fact, I have a forum here on this site designed to provide you with non-judgmental support, advice and more importantly....hope. A place where you can post your thoughts, express your feelings and get advice and support from me as well as the other visitors.

Feeling poetic? I invite you to submit your depression poems as a way to express yourself or possibly inspire others.

The good news is that there are many different options available to you, or the ones you love, whether it be chats, forums, support groups.... all it takes is a little digging and you are sure to find support in your area. People that are ready, willing and able to give you the support you need to fight this battle successfully!

No matter what kind of support you choose, it's important to choose support!  So many people suffer alone, needlessly, endlessly. There is proposterous!  Don't isolate yourself as you will only get more and more depressed. Instead, take decisive action and get the help and support you need to overcome depression once and for all.  

Here is one forum that I recommend

Depression is fully treatable and you can go on to live an amazing, happy, fulfilling life. So, don't give up on yourself or the amazing life you were born to have ... the one that you truly deserve!!!

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