Should You
Take the Beck Depression Inventory?

If you are feeling depressed, should you take the Beck Depression Inventory test? There are many depression tests out there on the web. Unfortunately the Beck Depression Inventory is not available online because it is copyrighted. But there are other options.

Taking one online is easy, convenient and has its own level of privacy. However, it's important to note that any online test is not meant to be a replacement for a professional diagnosis. In fact, these assessments are usually self assessments that need the support and interpretation of a professional. If you want to take a depression test then I have several to choose from on this site.

You can take a very formal test such as the Jung Self Rating Depression Scale, the Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale, and the Geriatric Depression Scale.

I also have a few more "laid back" assessments you can take including the Depression Self Test, a Depression Quiz, and a Depression Questionnaire.

All of these assessments are made available to you for your education and meant to be a reference point, giving you additional information for your pursuit in learning if you are depressed or may be suffering with a depressive disorder. This is not meant to be a way to diagnose yourself.

If, after taking any of these assessments, you feel you really may be clinically depressed, then consider reaching out to a depression hotline, or find a mental health professional in your area. Once you find someone in the field you will be able to take the Beck Depression Inventory, which can be properly interpreted by him/her. Once diagnosed, an effective treatment plan will be admnistered just for you so you can get on the road to recovery quickly!

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