Learn About the
Side Effects of Cymbalta

side effects of cymbalta, cymbalta side effects

Whether you're hear to learn about the side effects of Cymbalta or share your own experiences, you have come to the right place. Learn what others have experienced as a result of taking Cymbalta or share your experiences with others. Either way, we all have something to learn.

Cymbalta effects people differently depending on age, gender, condition being treated, medical history and many other factors. While there have been studies that indicated what the most commmon side effects are, what are you - my visitors - experiencing with this medication?

The most common side effect was nausea, effecting 24% of those studied. Nipping at the heals of nausea were side effects such as headache, dry mouth, fatigue, feeling dizzy and being constipated.

There are some serious side effects as well, although they are not near as commong. They include things such as craps, weight loss, ulcers in the stomach, hepatitis, or even hemorrhaging.

So what other side effects have you experienced by taking Cymbalta? Share your experiences Or read below to learn about other visitors experiences!

side effects of cymbalta, cymbalta side effects

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My Experience with Side Effects of Cymbalta 
I have been taking Cymbalta for quite a while now and I started taking a MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor) which, when taken together, can cause fatal …

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