Agitated Depression:
A Unique Kind of Depression

Agitated depression is one of many different types of depression and it is one that many have never heard of. This type of depressive disorder is characterized by symptoms and sessions of intense irritability and aggravation. The client will be very restless and also may experience outbursts of range and anger. Sometimes people get this confused with situational depression which really presents itself differently - in particular, there usually isn't any angry outbursts.

They may tell you that no one understands them or has any way to understand what they may be feeling. Depression of the "agitated" kind is termed hypo-manic depression sometimes because there are behaviors that will mimic the hypo manic behaviors.

In all kinds of depression there can be some amount of agitation and irritability, but in this type of depression these symptoms are far more pronounced. Just as there are symptoms for each type of depression, agitated depression has specific symptoms which will make it more obvious and easier to diagnose. In some cases, however, this is mistaken for manic depressive disorder, which has similar symptoms.

There can be some misdiagnosis since this type of depression does mimic other varieties in some ways. The verbal outbursts and other forms of agitation have sometimes led to misdiagnosis and to patients being offered medications which do not treat for the depression. In these cases the illness becomes far more prevalent and far less controlled. There will be pronounced agitation in these cases and deepen the depression which increases the risk of suicide.

This can be a very serious disorder if it goes untreated. The symptoms can range from moderate to extremely severe. How each person will be effected differently depending largely on the person and their natural demeanor. This form of depression is more prevalent in males and those that are older and middle aged. However, younger people can also be effected by this as well.

It's not at all difficult to recognize the symptoms that you're going to see when someone is struggling with this type of depression. Those who are victims of this kind of disorder are generally not able to sit still for long periods of time. They will suffer emotional and physical outbursts, sometimes violent verbal outbursts. They complain a great deal and believe that they are misunderstood, but they are also prone to some other behaviors, which, if you see them, will help you to nearly immediately identify that it is agitated depression.

Agitated Depression Symptoms

  • Tearing or pulling at the clothing

  • Intense feelings and thoughts

  • Endless thoughts and movement which are essentially without base

  • Talking nearly continuously

  • Wringing of the hands

  • Violent verbal outbursts.

    If you note these symptoms then you should seek out help for yourself or for another person in your life. Agitated can be treated. It may require medication, counseling and in some cases in-patient treatment in a depression treatment facility, but there is a great deal of hope for those who suffer from agitated depression with combination therapy.

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