Situational Depression

Situational Depression is a depressive state that is brought on by a current event and usually only lasts for a few weeks.

Jane H. from Indiana explains:

"My son was in Iraq for a couple of years and every time the phone rang my heart would stop beating, afraid that I would get bad news. I worried about him every single day - afraid that one day he'd be killed. What I feared came true. He was killed a few months ago and I got very depressed. I have never been prone to depression but losing my son was a very difficult thing to go through. My depression was situational. I decided to go to therapy and take some depression medications. I felt so much better after just a couple of weeks"

This type of depressive disorder is very common. All of us experience it at one time or another as we go through difficult times in life such as death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, financial difficulties....the life events that can cause this are endless. None of us are immune the feeling the blues when life throws us a curve ball!

Situational Depression vs Clinical Depression

This "situational" form of depressive state should not be confused with a clinical depressive disorder where the symptoms are usually more severe and they last longer than a situational depressed state. In order to know if it's "situational" in nature it is important to understand what the trigger might be. How were you before triggered event took place? How are you afterwards? How severe are the symptoms? How long have they lasted?

Also, a word of caution that somen traumatic event that lead to the situational depressed state may ultimately lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). So if the symptoms are severe enough consider it might be something more serious.

If it is situational in nature, the key to recovery is finding a support network that you can rely on, consider therapy, and/or talk to your doctor about taking mild depression medication. The key is to remember that there is hope and there is help!

However, before you chalk it up to situational depression or temporary sadness due to an event in your life, consider other options as well. This way if it is more serious you can find out early on and get the treatment you may need.

Other Pages to Consider

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Both of these really do exist so you might want to look into them as well.

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