Natural Depression Treatments: Detoxing from Antidepressants

by Beachartist

I'm feeling so depressed. wondering if it is worth it to be off the meds. I hated being on them but I also hate the way I feel right now.


Beach Artist,

Did you stop taking the meds cold turkey? If so, you will experience serious withdrawal symptoms. Typically, you should wean yourself off of the meds slowly, over time as defined by your doctor.

Medications are not always the answer. However, I can appreciate that you are feeling really bad without them. If it is due to withdrawal symptoms, hang in there as these symptoms will subside as each day passes.

One question, have you been formally diagnosed by a therapist or psychiatrist? If not, I would recommend that you get diagnosed first. Then, together, you and your therapist can agree on the best form of treatment so that you can fully recover.

Often times, medications are used in conjunction with other treatment options such as cognitive behavioral therapy, exercise, medication, deep breathing exercises, accupuncture...and many more options. Depression can be treated successfully. I hope that you find a solution that works for you so that you can have a happy, fulfilling life again.

Thanks for reaching out.


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