I Just Don't Know

by Kat
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

I'm a 14 year old girl, and I've felt a lot of symptoms of depression over the past month. I've been self-critical, withdrawn, lethargic, constantly run-down, and I've just felt a general sense of guilt and depression.

I don't know if I'm just overreacting or if I really could have a depressive disorder, but I'm too scared to ask my parents to take me to get professionally tested.

I've tried to help myself out of it, but nothing seems to be working...


Being 14 is a very difficult age, especially for us girls! We are going through puberty, wondering who we "really are", trying to decide what we want to do when we grow up, wondering who we can trust, getting our heart broken, perhaps breaking someone elses.... it is a very tough age!

You say that your feelings of depression has only been for the last month or so. Has something happened recently that might have caused this depression? Do you have anyone you can talk to?
Anyone to lean on for support?

The fact that it has been such a short time should give you hope. Depressive disorders are long lived. That being said, if it is something that persists, you should take a depression test to get more insight. It is not a self-diagnosis tool but it can give you more informationto go on.

Also, take a look at my depression hotlines page. While a lot of the numbers are U.S. based, I do have some international numbers there as well that might prove helpful. A hotline is a good place to reach out to if you need some immediate support and some suggestions on how to proceed.

One very important point...do NOT go on any anti-depressants, in particular at your age. Anti-depressants have not been tested on children under the age of 18. Nor have they been approved for use at earlier ages. Instead, consider natural remedies for depression.

Finally, consider writing in a journal, doing affirmations, exercise, art, meditation and, of course, eat right! Choose something that you enjoy.

No matter what, always remember that you are an amazing, unique individual. There is noone else like you on this planet! Be the best you that you can be. Treat yourself with love, kindness and respect. You truly deserve the best.

In light and love,


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