Do I have depression?

by Edel
(Ireland )

I'm am kind of worried that I could have depression. I am 20 years of age first of all. I avoid people like my family and sometimes friends apart from my boyfriend. i feel worthless, unloved, trapped at times and really really low.

My confidence is really low also no matter what I do or what people say to help build it up it just doesn't seem to work. I also have lost weight I used to be a size 10 but now I am a size 8. I either eat very little or over eat. I have sort of lost interest in things I used to enjoy also and my sleeping pattrens are all over the place. I sometimes thnk about taking my own life.


Thanks for reaching out, Edel. How long has this been going on? Without having all the details, it could be something as simple as the blues due to stresses in your life or it could be something more serious ... like a depression.

You can take a brief depression test to give you a sense of where you are. However, based on what you did share, you are experiencing some of the most common symptoms.

When people get depressed they lose interest in things they used to enjoy, begin to isolate themselves, having trouble sleeping, change in eating habits .. you do have some of the classic symptoms. However, these symptoms should be present for at least 2 weeks.

The best thing to do is to reach out to a professional and get evaulated so you can get a formal diagnosis. Especially since you are having suicidal thoughts. So many people with depression never get diagnosed, which is ashame. Especially since it there are so many successful treatment options that can help you move through this and live a very happy, productive life.

There should be a local mental health clinic you can go to at first. Another option is calling a hotline. If you go to that link - page all the way down and I have some international resources that you can consider.

Thanks for reaching out!

With light and love,


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