Depression Poems: The Blues

by Johanna
(Madera, California)

Tears are rolling down my face, something is out of place.

My emotions are rolling up and down like a wild roller coaster. People in my life are slowly fading and something is really out of place.

I find myself in a blue room with a blue cover over my face. All the important things in my life don't seem to matter.

I sleep and sleep day & night - days go by, and I've been feeling blue. Is there something I can do?



I can sense the sadness you felt when you wrote this poem. I sincerely hope things are getting better. If you have the "blues" every day for more than two (2) weeks, you might want to take a depression test to learn more. It won't provide you with a diagnosis but it will help you understand how serious your sadness might be.

I hope you are already feeling better. If not, reach out here for support anytime!


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