Depression and Anxiety Symptoms:
Optional Depression?

by Nigella

Hi. Well,I have been seeing an online therapist for a while. He said I have a borderline depression that may develop. It was several months ago. I saw him just in four sessions. He said I developed some self-image issues besides the depression.

But the thing is that recently I dont want to fight the depression anymore. It became hopeless and useless to me. What shall I do? Can I change my own point of view? Because I know that I cause my recent state. I just don't want to fight it anymore. I guess I feel ok the way I am, however many things about myself irritate me...



The fact that you have low self esteem, feel hopeless and want to give up, you may very well be depressed. If you haven't already you should take a depression test just to get a better feel for your situation.

You ask if you can change your point of view? Absolutely! The key to addressing any issue is to admit that there is an issue. You have taken steps to admit that you may have a problem and seek help online. That is fantastic!

Don't give up on yourself. If, after taking the test, you feel that you might be depressed, I'd recommend seeing a local mental health professional to receive a formal diagnosis. Once you get diagnosed you can both agree on a proper treatment plan for you which may include therapy, medications, self help exercises, etc. You can then receive the treatment necessary to beat this thing once and for all!

Don't give up on yourself! Believe in yourself and have the strength and courage to get the support and help you need to feel better. Depression is very treatable so have faith! If you need to you can consider any of the many depression hotlines available as well.

I wish you the best,


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