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Using my clients as examples, Mary took a depression questionnaire because she was depleted of energy, having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. It got so bad she was often late to work. She felt lethargic and often cried for no obvious reason. She used to be very social and, lately, she just wants to be alone.

Jason on the other hand was unusually irritable and moody, having a horrible time sleeping as his mind raced about all the things in life that stressed him out. He used to love working out and doesn’t want to do it anymore. Instead, he starts to drink too much to cover up the worthless feelings he is having.

While depressive disorders tend to bring about similar behaviors, they manifest in different ways for each individual. Some retreat into a black hole while others act out in ways that are unusual for them. In both cases, it can represent a depressive disorder. A depression questionnaire is one way to determine if this is the case.

I am providing the depression questionnaire below as an educational tool designed to help you determine if you might be clinically depressed. It is not meant to provide you with a formal diagnosis. This is a personal assessment of how you are feeling in the moment. A diagnosis takes many other variables into consideration. Take the questionnaire below then let’s talk about what needs to happen next.

Please select every item that pertains to you:

I feel that I am a complete failure in life
I have a very pessimistic attitude about life and my future
I can’t concentrate and I forget things more easily than I used to
I feel guilty for no real reason
I prefer to be alone most of the time
Sometimes I feel like crying for no apparent reason
I don’t feel people really understand me
My appetite is not like it used to be
My sleep patterns have changed
I don’t think other people really care about me
I tend to avoid people which is unusual
I don’t have much interest in physical intimacy
I think I might be better off dead
I think people would be better off without me

After you’ve checked off each of the items that you feel represents your current state, count how many you checked off. If you've checked off just a few then you are probably not clinically depressed. And, goes to reason, the more you checked off, the more likely it is that you are depressed. So, what's next? Read on.

So, did the depression questionnaire tell you that you are not depressed? If so, congratulations! However, you took the test for a reason, because you aren’t feeling right. If you only marked a few of them, then it may be situational depression. In which case, you might consider seeking the support of a friend, counselor or someone else who can help you sort through things. Sometimes it takes an objective ear to help you see things differently, reframe what you’re going through and motivate you to improve things.

If the results indicated that you might have a depressive disorder than I recommend a few things. First, consider taking a more thorough self assessment to get another reference point. To do that you can take my Depression Self Test. If that result is similar then I would recommend you reach out to a mental health professional to obtain an actual diagnosis. Together you can come up with an appropriate treatment plan that can get you back on track in no time.

In the mean time, if you need support, you can reach out to Depression Hotlines, reach out in our Depression Forums. If you have a question, feel free to reach out. I’ll help as much as I can.

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