Beck Depression Inventory Scoring

What Does It Measure?

The Beck Depression Inventory Scoring system tells the therapist just how depressed a client / patient might be. The scoring system includes a measurement of the clients self ranked response in 21 different catagories. These categories include the following:

Sadness, pessimism, sense of failure, dissatisfaction, guilt, expectation of punishment, dislike of self, social withdrawal, indecisiveness, change in body image, retardation, insomnia, fatigability, loss of appetite, self accusation, suicidal ideation, episodes of crying, loss of weight, somatic preoccupation and level of energy.

The Beck Depression Scoring system ranks the levels of depression using a numerical system. It ranks the client level of depression as normal ups and downs, mild to moderate, moderate to severe or severe. These scores can also help a therapist determine if the client might be denying depression or whether the client possibly has other personality disorders.

If you are interested in learning if you might have a depressive disorder then I have a lot of different depression test on this site so you can take a depression test here. However, if you want to take the Beck's Depression Inventory then you will need to find a local therapist that can administer the test as it is not suppose to be self administered.

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