Unsound Mind

by Andrew Norris

poems of an unsound mind

easy to locate
easy to find

shallow depression
unspoken confession
a wantaway session
escaping aggression

character flawed
put to the sword
feelings still stored
reach for the cord

look to the light
do i keep up the fight
do i do what is right
and see darkness as light

more devestation around
lifelong sadness be bound
peace will never be found
noise has no sound

a man with no hope
often seeks for a rope
thinking he cannot cope
an unsumoutable slope

hope is replaced
failure again he is faced
satans presence hes graced
his powers incased

uncontrolled disposition
making wild decisions
common sense lacks precision
missing hope and ambition

im of an unsound mind
feelings trapped and confined
but myself again will find
a new path is designed

the thoughts of ending are there
but too many hearts it will tear
it is selfish unfair
a families knightmare

seek and do try
to get the answers to why
open up and do cry
and seek strength from up high

dig deep in your sol
the pain has taken its tol
this loving man it has stole
a pure heart turned to coal

turned respect to a joke
empty words that ive spoke
lives a dagger and cloak
a mysterious bloke

shame about to bestow
and then all will know
it is all been for show
to be the status quo

mind that is free
a dream that i see
to return back
to me
pain and torture will flee

a man who wiil learn
past behaviour will burn
his back he will turn
true forgiveness to earn

peace be my sol
now for a new role
himself dug from the hole
begin with your first goal

back in the dark
future looks stark
fading angels that hark
a man lost his spark

normality a dream
a wish to redeem
whats ripped at the seam
restart my regime

giving into suggestion
bypassing the question
a weakness digestion
minds a congestion

sometimes filled with light
always winning the fight
then the day turns to night
another fall from a height

then the penny does drop
how this torture can stop
pride and humble to swap
again will rise to the top

leave not a feeling explained
how desire was drained
that your body was pained
your hood character stained

keep your friends by yourside
and give your all to your bride
shes the one to confide
not a secret to hide

still my face like a mask
in secret misery bask
for help i cant ask
change is big a task

hoping fate will step in
to stop a world in a spin
full forgiveness of sin
that life thrown in the bin

my childrens heart i made bleed
in there eyes they do plead
a change now a need
stunborness be freed

here i now stand
tightly holding her hand
life back to whas was planned
doing good on the land

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May 30, 2019

by: Dana

Thank you for sharing this with me and my visitors! You are very talented!

I do hope that you have found the help and support you need to overcome depression? It is treatable, and you can overcome this for good! I've done it, my clients have done it and you can too!

Thanks for visiting. Stop by anytime!



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