by Roger
(Anthony Texas USA)

Undercurrents of emotions pulling me down

Feeling like pain is going to make me drown

Putting on a show that makes me look alright

Happy by day but oh so sad by night

A riptide of depression pulling me

To strong for me to ever break free

Lost in a whirlpool of feelings so long

Swept away until all of me is gone

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Aug 07, 2018

by: Dana

Thanks for sharing your poem, Roger! So many people feel the same way you express in your poem.

Did you know that if an undercurrent or riptide grabs a hold of you, instead of struggling and fighting it, you should relax into it until it passes.

The same thing with quick sand! The more you struggle, the deeper you'll sink.

I find this a great metaphor for life. The more we struggle and resist our so called 'bad feelings', the more we refuse to deal with what ails us, the deeper into the abyss we can go.

It's important to surrender to everything with the intent of processing it in a constructive way so that we aren't holding on to the baggage any longer.

There's no reason to get 'swept away' as this too shall pass! So many people suffering with depression hand their head in shame. They feel there is something wrong with them, they're broken. There is nothing farther from the truth.

Depression isn't a disease. It's Dis-Ease ... it means there's some healing to do. Nothing more. Nothing less. And we ALL have healing to do. No one is immune.

There is hope! There is help! If you need suggestions as to what kind of help might be right for you, let me know!

Here's to your journey towards living an happy life!


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