Two Me

by Eedaa Iman

I am two persons.
One for my day.
One for my night.
The feeling of sinking seems right.
I hope this pain will subside.
But it remains silent inside.

I thought if I hurt myself.
The hurt will be taken.
But I even hate me more and more.
I thought if I am faking to be cheerful,
Could help me smile.
But it’s torn me inside like hell.

There is a moment my life is so blur,
Even my specs could not make it clear.
Depression is like a light that spark triggers.
The more you are in denial, the more it pushes you.
Until you never see the sun again.

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Jan 16, 2019

by: Dana


Thank you for submitting your poem. Sorry this is so long after you've done so. It's been a bit crazy on my end!

Your poem really struck me because you say something that is so important ...

"The more you are in denial, the more it pushes you"

That is so true! As the saying goes, 'what you resist persists' so if you are focusing on how depressed you are and you're trying hard not to be you'll get even more depressed. You can't break free of depression without surrendering to it and let it work through you. By that I mean surrender to the thoughts, feelings, beliefs that are haunting you and/or holding you back and then choose differently! That's the key to the transformation!

Depression is a tricky thing for sure. But know there is hope and help. You don't have to live with it the rest of your life.

I do hope that your depression has gotten better since you posted this!

Big hugs,


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