To be so detached that nothing can hurt you !!

by April Dmello

When I was lonely, when I was sad, I hoped that something might come to my aide

When I was angry, when I was depressed, I hoped that someone would understand & come to my comfort
When I was hurt and when my spirits were low, I hoped that someone would give me relief and pull me above
When I was upset, when I was gloomy, I hoped that someone will come to my rescue…

I waited and I waited…

I sought refuge in the music; I sought an escape in the internet
I sought a shelter in the books, and a sanctuary within my room
It helped me briefly and the positivity began to grow, but…
Just when I was about to come out of it, I gave up and I withdrew,

I tried to be patient and to be hopeful … But

The feeling did not pass, the self-blaming did not stop
The helplessness did not leave, the unhappiness, it remained
And the restlessness in heart and in the mind, it grew… and it grew

Zap it came all at once...

I expected others to take me out, from this nasty feeling of self-doubt,
I was looking outside for the solution...
When I should have been looking within me to put an end to the agitation

That is when I realized.....

The aide, the comfort, the relief and the rescue...
It was me and only ME and not others or someone new...

Once I understood that, I was back on my toes.
The answer to the entire so called “problem”…
was so easy.. So simple.. that I got all over my lows
The gloom, the anger, the sadness and the hurt..
Got blown away like grains of dirt


I feel happy, I feel worthy and I cry out aloud,
That I am such a wonderful creation of god !!
It is his grace that I am so special; it is his will that I am sensitive
It is because of this gift that I exist and I am so active!!
If not for this.. I wouldn’t be loved so much

To all the sensitive gals in the world..
The important thing to learn is…

To be so detached that nothing can hurt us..

The only attachment should be with God and you yourself!!
Because this combination is the only thing that can save us !!

by- April Dmello



Thanks so much for your contribution! You have learned a valuable lesson that will change your life forever. Learning that our attitudes, thoughts and beliefs bring what manifests in our lives. It does all start from within.

I really appreciate you coming to my site and sharing your message here. You are sure to inspire so many of my visitors. Drop by anytime!

All the best,


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