Think back

by Carmen

Those scars that we bear on our arms

Those things that we have to hide from our family and friends
Those things that haunt us everyday.
Scaly, rough and tough lasts for so long

But the most important thing ...
Is the reason behind it

The reason why it all started in the first place The reason why they did it

Yet no one really wonders why
They all ask about the scar
How's it going. How's it doing

While they forget what it symbolizes
The power the scars have ...
What they can possibly cause
And what they will lead to

And after it heals, what happens?
People start to forget
And people will continue what they had started

And the cycle will start once again

Until the victim runs out of room in their body to scar

That is when the thing they decide to scar

Is their lifeline

And only
When they are far long gone

Do people start to realize their wrongs

Their actions
Their words
Their behavior

And what they really did to this person

They remember the times he/she has told them to stop

They remember when he/she started to get less quiet

Less happy, less energetic

They finally realized how
What they did to this person was something they should had never done in the first place

Yet it is too late to go back

Back when they were here

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