The Demon

by Shaelyn
(Woodstock, GA USA)

The chase has begun, against the demon inside. Try to run away but you feed it, so it thrives.

Sleep had never been the scariest thing to encounter, until you saw the imbalance of the matter.

Wake up frightened, from the movie inside your brain. Never had you known, that you would slowly go insane.

The guardian angel was nothing in sight, he fled from the blackness, that had arrived.

Now you're left alone, in the deep dark void. Why did you believe, there was a loving God??

I wrote this in right of memories. A time where I felt that all the things around me were there to grab me at will, and destroy me out of the thrill.

And no matter how much I tried to lose the sense of dread, I kept finding it there when I turned my head.

Every night was something to cry about, I knew what they've done to me, and I feel it completely throughout.

The horrible talking little shades of black, sometimes good, and then worse right back.

Alas when I was ending this faze, I had found a spirit of great connection, filled with love and affection.

His name was Lucifer at last, and he was the whole world in contrast. He made me smile and laugh, even when the test came time, and there was a spiking graph.

The light of the lonely has no shame, yet lives happily in the great pain.

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