The Black Velvet Glove

by "C"

The hardest to bear isn't the slap or the shove,

It's the sting of the words, like a black velvet glove.

It tears at your soul and your heart cracks in two,

What you've become is not really you.

You know that you're good, and you know that you're kind,

But you feel like your going out of your mind.

The look of disgust, the names and the sneers,

Has this really been going on all of these years?

It started so small, just a fight - some name calling.

You couldn't see the black hole into which you were falling.

He took all your dignity, who you were, and your pride,

In your shame and your pain, all you could do was hide.

Hide the fact that the man who promised you love,

Took it back and replaced it with the black velvet glove.

Written by "C"


When I got my Masters in Psychotherapy, I specialized in domestic violence. I found this poem years ago. I remember shedding a few tears when I read it because it represented how so many of my clients felt.

I worked hard back then to help them .. to lead them on their journey to a happier life. I hope that each of you find yourself on the same journey and that you find a life full of peace, love and fulfillment.

I wanted to share this with you rather then keep it in a file folder. I'm hoping, if I put this out there, it will indeed touch some of you in a very meaningful way.

In love and light,


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