by Shannon

I will wake up with a feeling, it will sit within my chest,

I will go to work as normal, I'll try hard to act my best,
But shortly after I arrive, I'll start to think again,
As that feeling in my chest, it multiplies by ten.

I smile and nod at strangers, to keep up good impression,
But find it so incredulous, they cannot see true depression,
I shake my head at mundane problems, friends seem to keep,
And wonder how they'd spend each night, trying not to weep.

I stare into the mirror and think, is this really what I deserved?
Then a voice inside my head snarls, my seat in hell's reserved,
I wish for happier thoughts, to consume my pessimistic mind,
People trying not to wonder, worried of what they'll find.

Now it all fades to darkness, my mind goes peacefully blank,
As my family try to talk to me, my mothers heart quickly sank,
Gazing at my wrists, scarlet stained lines crowding the skin,
She looks away quickly, finally giving in.



Thanks for sharing your poem with me and my visitors. It is very powerful. I relate to what you have written. When I was depressed, I too, put on my happy face faking my way through the day hoping noone would notice. Eventually, I hit my own personal rock bottom and decided that I deserved better. That I was better than this. I got the help I needed and my life was forever changed.

Remember, this is help! There is hope! You can have a better life. You don't have to surrender to your depression. You can beat this! As you look on the right-hand column of my site, I have a graphic that invites you to schedule a free consultation with me. Feel free to do so, if you are so inclined. With each step you take, no matter how small or big, you are one step closer to a happier life. I hope to hear from you!



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