Sunshine Again

by Kathleen
(New York, USA)

I am a clinical social worker and I suffer from mild to moderate depression at times. Over the years I have found several ways to fight the depression.

I have found therapy and a mild anti-depressant medication helps a lot. But other things help just as much. For me those things are mild exercise and support from my friends.

I know, you're probably thinking that you just don't have the energy to exercise and find it hard during a depression to reach out to anybody.

Believe me, I understand. I have to gently and lovingly push myself to get dressed, go out and walk the dog or, even better, go to the dog park where there are other people but not a lot of pressure to carry on clever conversations.

Although I resist this before going I always feel better afterwards. I also have developed friends over the years that I can confide in about my depression. They are few and very special.

They listen and empathize and invite me out for dinner or a movie but understand if I am not up for it. I never abuse or overuse their help.

Recently the sunshine in my area has decided to appear on a regular basis after months of cloudy, cold days. I make sure I let the sun shine on me every day it is there. It is like a healing balm to me. Remember any action you take, no matter how small is the beginning of your healing and your depression lifting.




Thanks so much for sharing the things you do to overcome your depression. I love that you have discovered that, even the "little things in life" can bring simple joy and healing.

You also highlight something very important.

Depression is a very personal issue and each method used to combat the issue is just as personal.

It is so important that each person find even the simple things in life that they can draw from and experience joy. Every little thing can add up to amazing!!!

I really appreciate your input. My visitors do to, I am sure!

Come back and share anytime. This is a way we can all support each other and know that, truly, we are not alone.

All the best,


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