Success won't Stay, but Suffering will.

by Shaelyn Kiley
(Cherokee County,GA,USA)

Life... It is full of mistakes.

Goals that you work to... They go away for good after about 5 days.
The bonds that you once had with them... It hurts to let it all go.
The pain is real... And it screams in your face.
The emotion is like no other.
Why did we even try?.. We keep repeating the same mistake.
Is there anything there... That stays helping forever?
Is there anyone out there... That won't pass on before me?
I don't like this... I hate this.
Why can't this all be... just a bad dream?
Why does this happen?
Why can't this feeling leave?
I want it all gone.
I want to be happy... But every time we are,
It leaves us all alone... And the pain comes back,
With more force than before... And it never goes away.
It's drawn in my mind... And I have no eraser to get rid of it.

Nobody was ever loving nor giving. They were all cold hearted. All of them just little pricks at first, but the more you get, the more you think you've had enough.

You think you've got a sense of feeling like you belonged somewhere, and you felt like if you tried a little bit more, you'd get what you had hoped for.

Well... now you made it. And what was your
prize? What you had hoped for was opposite from it. You thought you would be accepted and loved, but the ones whom said to try it say,"Yeah whatever."

That's right, the self-centered still don't care nor love you. And think of all of the effort you had brought to get what you had thought.

It hurts to know that accomplishments aren't going to help with curing an ill soul.



Thank you so much for sharing yourself with me and my visitors. What you write is so powerful and I know it comes from your heart.

You are correct. Life is full of mistakes, challenges and wrong turns. However, it's what you learn from those things that make all the difference.

You are also correct that accomplishments won't cure an ill soul. Why? Because the accomplishments are outside of yourself. Conversely, your soul is the very core of your being and who you are on the inside. When you heal the inside, the outside follows suit and you can manifest amazing things!

Wishing you all the best!


P.S. If you're interested, join me on Facebook. While I am the developer of this site, I am also the founder of Source Your Joy where I am building a great community of compassionate, supportive people from all over the world. Would love to see you there!

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