Smile, you're on camera.

by Jasmine

You ask me how I’m feeling today

Has that empty feeling gone away?
Have I realised that it’s better to be
Your definition of happy?

Now the sun is shining bright
On the radio, ‘A Ticket to Ride’
To be happy is such a relief
But it’s not the same as being complete

You’re fragile enough as it is
So why would you listen to this
You’re dragging yourself further down
Sinking right into the ground

Think of all that you have
It is selfish to be so sad
You could be a lot worse off
You’re lucky to just have enough

So I put on smile and say
Thanks, I feel so much better today
I was going through a rough patch
Oh this, It’s nothing, just a scratch.

But when I am left to myself
I ease off the face that I built
Press play on the stereo
And let all my happiness go

I allow him to fill up my soul
To feel that the end is so close
Angels and demons collide
Such beauty that I have to hide

All we want is for you be
Our definition of happy
So go out and enjoy the sun
We’ll see if there’s a funny film on

Love is a beautiful thing
But its not always smooth sailing
As painful as it can be
Those moments will help you to see

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