SItuational Depression: Am I Depressed?

by Melissa

My ex-boyfriend just told me he doesn't want to get back together ever. He's dating my friend. I haven't been the same as I usually am. I used to be so happy - always smiling, now I just feel like I'm not worth anything..



Wow! You are bringing back so many of my own memories. My heart has been broken more times than I care to admit. Early on, the feeling of refection is overwhelming and, yes, it stings!! However, over time, this too shall pass.

Like you, I made the mistake of allowing somebody else tell me whether I am worthy or not. Like you, I would take the pain of rejection and turn against myself - telling myself that if someone didn't love me, I must not be loveable.

As I grew older I realized that nothing could be further from the truth. I realized that I really am an amazing person! I realized that not everyone has to like me. I realized what a mistake I was making by giving everybody else the power to determine my self worth! Shame on me!

I am sure you are an amazing person too! Don't let rejection from somebody turn into a belief of yourself that you are not worthy of love.

I encourage you to turn your thinking around. Believe firmly how amazing you are and realize that it is ashame that he wasn't smart enough to see it. It is really his loss!!

Throughout life we go through heartbreak many times over. It is important that we stay convicted to our belief in ourselves. That we love ourselves for all of who we are (our good traits and, yes, our bad ones too! We all have both!). When you unconditionally love yourself, rejection doesn't hurt near as bad. And, you will succeed in life no matter where your journey might take you!

An affirmation for you (repeat this to yourself, believe it with all your heart and know it to be true!):

"I am an amazing,radiant being filled with love. I love and believe in myself even when others will not."

And know that you will one day look back on this as just a small bump in the road!

With Love,


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