I've struggled with depression my entire life.

My childhood was daunting for the most part
I am now 53 and I just feel tired and I don't
Care about anything. I go throught the
Emotions but I feel very exhausted. I live
An average low middle income. All of my needs
Are met. I just feel dead inside.


I can empathize with you as I feel that way sometimes too. Are you seeing a professional? Do you have anyone you can rely on for support?

Also, when a client mentions to me they feel dead inside it is usually a sign that a lot of feelings are being repressed. When this is the case, I have my clients move their energy. Dance, walk, hit a pillow, lay on your bed and kick and scream.

Movement will help to dislodge your feelings and will release endorphins that will help with your mood.

Be prepared to surrender to any feelings that might come up. I find the strength is not in turning your feelings off. Rather, the strength comes with honoring them and feeling them fully. It is then that we can begin to heal.

In light and love,


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