Remember our daughters

by Eric

I have often been thin. Not skinny or scat

I'm not overly large ...I hate the word fat.
I'm 50 years young full of vim and vigour
And this menopause it's taking some figure

Low self esteem invites depression it seems
Which differs from depression, that brings low self esteem
The two of them together is quite the mix
And is causing me problems I'm trying to fix

When depression sneaks up there's no time to prepare
You just hit a trigger and then there's despair.
One more rabbit hole that you've just tumbled down
It's dark and it's deep and it's way underground

And when you remember you've left people behind
There's no light in the tunnel, you can't see, you're blind
You can't tell where you've fallen how far or how fast
But I'm holding a rope, it's attached to your past.

Your past and my future inexplicably bound
Held onto the earth by the love that we found
The pain and the suffering that your going through
The hell and the torment that we've got to do

Feelings you can't feel but I know they're there
And when you get better I know we can share.
Know when I saw you it was love at first sight
And it's grown a little everyday and every night.

A morning routine of walking and training
Can make so much difference, but not when it's raining
It rains in my heart like it does on the roof
And now you're not eating, you know that's the truth

We'll go to the gym, We'll eat, We'll get well
And then comes a trigger and Your back in hell
You look for an exit or someplace to hide
But I know your lucky cause you've got a guide

Someone who's been In The depths of despair
Who knows the way in and can pull up a chair
Someone who's able to lead you to shore
Returning the favour of more years and more.

I know that we'll beat this, when it's all said
We know it's important to get out of bed
But after your up, well....let's check out the dial
Let's keep our pjs on until there's a smile

There are lotions and potions and things you can do
There are old wives tales and mindfulness too
There are many things working for others is seems
But don't let them get in the way of your dreams

There's a message to be told and we mustn't balk
Remember to chat and remember to talk
Our daughters are going to get to this gate
We need to prepare them and it's getting late........

I love you

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