by Abigail

My childhood was a disaster.

Molestation is just as bad as cancer.

Terrified, scared & confused.
Hurt, betrayed & abused.
All my life I've been used.

Teen runaway, emotional heart-break,
Drugs & alcohol helped me escape.

Helped ease the pain,
Becoming sober has just driven me insane.

Can't seem to deal with these thoughts
I just want 'em to stop
Men done me wrong my whole life,
I don't even know why I still even try.

I wish I had no feelings,
In this life I have no meaning.
Voices in my head,
Crying myself to sleep in bed.

Vanish from my mind, 
Wish I could rewind, back in time, when I was 5.
I would have grabbed a knife, stabbed him a million times.

I question God how could he allow this to happen? Where was he to protect me from bad men?

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May 08, 2015
I Feel Your Pain
by: Dana


Your poem is so deep and profound. I think you speak for so many victims of molestation. How helpless you feel at the time and how hopeless you feel afterwards.

Any kind of sexual abuse is very difficult to deal with. It is such a violation of our sense of being.

With that said, I invite you to choose differently. You have given this so much power over you, you have let it become you, you are a prisoner to what happened.

You can get past this and live a happy, fulfilling life again. It takes courage and it is a very personal process. I encourage you to use your experience and your strength you have to become all you can become inspite of what happened to you.

You can have a beautiful personal story of overcoming tragedy and using it in a way to serve yourself, to serve your soul, to serve others.

Soon, I will be launching an on-line coaching program. If you're interested let me know and I'll send you information as I get closer.

There is help! There is hope!

With love and light,


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