Not Me

by Debbie Jean
(Summerville, SC)

Before you stands a shell of a person, void of any emotions except the sadness that has crept in and stolen my soul.

My mind is cluttered with thoughts that I can no longer sort.

I feel covered in syrup; sticky with loneliness,and unable to move forward.

I feel lost in a room full of family or co-workers.

The sound of a happy, friendly voice make me cringe. I do not want to talk to them, because they will see and hear that I am "not me".

I put up my force field to survive the day.



I want to let you know that I understand how you feel. I've been there and what you feel is quite normal for those of us that have experienced depression. Depression is one of the most misunderstood mental health issues of our time.

Being depressed is nothing to be ashamed of. It is not a disease, it isn't the result of some chemical imbalance or inherited gene. It is a wake up call that there is dis-ease ... that you have some healing to do. We all do!

It doesn't mean your broken or need to be fixed. You are human and you've probably experienced suffering in your journey called life. My suspicion is that you have experienced trauma in your life and you haven't fully felt the pain as a result of that trauma.

You can heal all of this. You can overcome depression for good and go on to live a vibrant, exciting life again!

There are so many ways to heal from this. However, you have to decide that enough is enough. That you're tired of living this way and that you want to be happy again. Once you make that decision, reach out and get the help you need. I've done it, all of my clients have done it and you can too!

When you're ready, you can apply for a session with me and, together, we can get you back on track.

Until then ... sending you love and light.


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