My Love Affair with Despair

by Anantjot Kaur
(Ludhiana, Punjab, India)

My love affair with despair

I'd say I've never known despair like this before ...but I'd be lying

Countless times have I fallen into the abyss of darkness with no conspicious way out of its infinite depths

Countless times have I contemplated ending this torment of my constantly screaming mind by bleeding out its cries into permanent silence

Countless times have I counted the seconds of the clock like a ticking time bomb ready to explode any moment all while frozen in time of perinneal melancholia

Countless times have I barely mustered enough energy to keep breathing all while hoping it to wear itself out and drain the life along with the last reminents of air out to my body

Yes I have known despair alright...and I have barely survived each time... feeling like a war hero who after great trials achieved triumph over its biggest enemy

The sweet taste of victory cleansing my palate of the bitterness that had filled my entire being not so long ago...only to fall back into the insanity of self and thinking all over again I've never known despair like this before.

Anantjot Kaur



Wow! Your poem is very powerful and well written! In it you write, 'feeling like a war hero who after great trials achieved triumph over its biggest enemy'. I hope this means that you are no longer sitting in despair but have, indeed, triumphed!

Feelings of sadness and despair can wreak havok on our lives. Especially if we let it grip us and take us down, ever so slowly, into the depths of darkness. If we are able to recognize when we are under the grips of despair, we can take the necessary actions and precautions to loosen the grip and move towards the light.

My hope is that you have found the light and that you are enjoying your life and loving yourself unconditionally so that others can learn to do the same.

Thank you for sharing your powerful poem with my visitors!

Wishing you all the best life has to offer!


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