My Bully

by Elise

My Bully,

I have a current bully
She never leaves me alone
It started off all friendly
But her evilness was soon shown

It started with the judgement
“wow, you look really bad”
And slowly but surely it got worse
And for a little girl, it was just sad

A few years on
and she still stuck around
Idiot, retard, worthless, slut,
You are never safe and sound

She made me cry
more than anyone had ever done
but that wasn’t all
she still hadn’t won

She hurt me physically
It was more than a scratch
And even when they healed
The scars would make a patch

This bully of mine,
she made my life a living nightmare
She would always be around
But never would care

She didn’t feel mercy
She wouldn’t let me go
Her words hurt me so much
But I couldn’t say no

I have a current bully
She may be hard to see
Nobody knows who she is
because that bully is me.

By ElmoTiger22

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