Mind Disease

by Christopher Adams
(Hinckley, Illinois)

Depression is something we don't see.
Trust me It's as real as you or me
Even if you may seen me Smile
But inside it has been awhile

I truly would only write the note
When life just couldn't keep me afloat
My deep Thoughts never have been my friend
Normally they make me want to end
Loneliness makes me feel trapped in me
I want to break the bonds and be free

While I feel like it is time to go
Others can not be able to know
Society shows life as a cruise
While I start to tighten my own noose

D*mn you government for perfection
It is the ultimate infection
Girls must be flawless or the very best
While guys need to be the manliest

Society is killing our mind
We only feel like the empty rind
Never able to be who we are
We won't be able to go too far
We fire the gun placed in our hand
I feel like I should take a great stand

I'm froze in place in front of the beast
My courage is none to say the least
The multitude judge my life choices
My past is told by other voices
My present is shown by the gossips
Future is determined your lips

When I overdose to have release
The press will print this for a few weeks
Either selfish or a tragedy
The people will declare readily

Why can't we stop and mourn that being
Felt so alone they started fleeing
I do not know if that day comes soon
Or if it is as far as the moon

As long as one person holds me down
I can eventually turn the frown

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Aug 29, 2016

by: Dana

Your poem is very powerful and I think it echoes how so many people feel deep down inside.

I know depression sucks! And, it's hard to see your life any other way when you feel trapped in your deep troubled thoughts. However, it's important to know that depression is treatable!

It isn't a disease. You are not broken. You are simple someone that is holding on to a lot of pain that you are refusing to feel.

Please know you can heal! You can overcome this! You can be happy again! Find the courage to get the help and support you need because you don't have to live like this.

If you can't believe that now, it's okay. I'll believe it for you until you can find the strength and courage to believe it for yourself.

Sending you love and light ...


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