Me Again

by Ellen
(Wichita Falls, TX)

I am sorry for that..Munchausens By Proxy.. I can't find any info. on web about people like me. I'd have to join a hundred groups ..just remembered abuse by Mother..Please be honest..All of my experiences added up and meets all requirements for torture..What's beyond abuse..Mom burned me at 5 months with a clothing iron and this is so far beyond imagining..I am a LVN non practicing for years..trying to find help for this and contacted a therapist for appt. Just can't wrap my head around it..Delusional off and on for approx. 8 yrs. Any advice?? Thank You Ellen



Sorry for the delayed response. Now that I know you were referring to MSbP I can provide some insight.

While searching for support, help and/or treatment, don't get so specific as being a survivor of MSbP. While it is true, generally speaking, you were a victim of extreme abuse.

By seeking out professional help from someone versed in domestic violence, child abuse, etc. you will find someone that you can lean on - someone who can help you process your feelings and work through the tragic experiences that you have had.

I am so sorry that you had to go through what you did. Please remember that it was never about you and it was always about your
mom. If she really did have Munchausen syndrome then she had serious, deep rooted, psychological issues.

Being a victim of abuse, I am sure there are deep rooted issues that you have that will need to be sorted out. Remember that you are just that, a victim. Now that your mom is gone choose not to be the victim anymore. Choose the seek out professional help and support so that you can learn to love yourself, love life, love living again!

I specialized in domestic abuse and have worked with so many people who were abused - men, women, children. The abuse varied in form (emotional, verbal, physical) and degree (mild, moderate, severe). My ability to help them was a direct correlation to their willingness to help themselves. At times it wasn't easy. At times you need to find the strength to face the demons head on, confront them, feel all the horrible feelings you try to avoid and push through it!You can do this!

I encourage you to find local support. In the meantime, check out my Depression Hotlines page. On that page there is a section for Domestic Abuse. They can provide support initially and, perhaps, guide you to local resources.

Thanks for reaching out, Ellen. Sending you light and love as you embark on this journey.


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